Buy Tunisia Textiles - Why Tunisia Textiles

Why Tunisia Textiles?

Certified textiles manufacturers.

Great Quality

Tunisia has been involved with textiles for centuries. For the past 50 years, the country has proudly played a major role in manufacturing for French, Italian, German and Belgium brands.

Across the country, our manufacturing companies adhere to high quality standards, working constantly to limit the impact on the environment, maintain social standards, and ensure worker safety. Tunisian manufacturers source fabrics responsibly and are transparent with all aspects of the garment life cycle.

Our manufacturers experience in producing for high-end European brands has given them the knowledge, confidence and the 'know how' to develop products from a sketch. A highly skilled workforce ensures companies are always ready to innovate, yet they understand delivering consistently high quality is key for all brands, throughout the globe.

Flexibility and Friendliness

Any buyer that works alongside Tunisian manufacturers will be given a very warm welcome. As firms are staffed by local skilled people, the family environment and values are all part of the companies’ mantra.

One of the many wonderful aspects of producing in this country is its flexibility to work with small quantities, alongside larger quantities. Automation to achieve accuracy and cost efficiency in product development and manufacturing is widespread, particularly across the larger volume manufacturers.

Sourcing from Tunisia offers a unique combination of reactive, responsible and reliable manufacturing, supporting brands and retailers across all the complexities of the fashion business.

Speed to Market

As Tunisia is located in the Mediterranean, sampling can be made and delivered back to the UK and Europe within just 1 week, with typical shipment times of 2 days.

From placing an order, the range of lead and delivery times will vary but are approximately 1 to 5 weeks depending on the product, the critical path of production, and the fabric.