Buy Tunisia Textiles - Logistics


Logistics in Tunisia is well organized, and the firms featured on this site are well prepared to manage the process throughout, from production to overseas delivery. 90% of Tunisia’s foreign commercial trade is conducted by sea, with most incoming and outbound trade passes through Rades port, the country’s principal container facility, which supports 75% of the country’s container traffic.

The port of Sfax, Tunisia’s second-largest city and a large commercial centre, also handles some container traffic.  Other active ports are Sousse, Gabes, Skhira, Bizerte, and Zarzis.  The state-owned enterprise Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation is the principal shipping company in Tunisia. 

The major freight centre at Tunis Carthage Airport handles 97% of the country’s air freight.  Tunisia enjoys advanced network of roads and railways also facilitate transportation and distribution to all parts of the country. Our transport infrastructure means you can be sure that Tunisian firms are well placed to meet your delivery schedules.